The popularised phrase “New Normal” is at best lazy, and at worst destructively misleading for leadership in every dimension – language, expectation and mindset. Yet people continue to strive for and promote it. For 30 years, the most popular remark I’ve consistently heard from leaders going through change is “I can’t wait until this is over and we can return to normal”. Funny thing is, it never happened. Ever. What happens when leaders realise and accept the Chaos is constant – always was – and is, in fact, the New Normal. 


Insights include:

  • December 2021 = December 2020, 2.0
  • Why we stubbornly strive for Normal (and what we really mean)
  • VUCA and GUBU : The state of Chaos isn’t new
  • How great leaders treat adversity and uncertainty
  • The Stockdale Paradox


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