To be human is to procrastinate. The Greeks even had a special word for it – akrasia – such was its acknowledgement. However, it’s not a great device for leadership effectiveness when keeping focus is critical. The tendency towards Procrastination, and it’s full-sister Distraction, is becoming increasingly a topic of conversation with leaders (I’m engaged with), together with media and public discourse. Why does it happen? Why is it increasingly emerging now? And what can we do to combat its creep?


Insights include:

  • Procrastination isn’t a new thing – it’s a human thing
  • Why we procrastinate – Future Self Vs Present Self
  • Pain of Procrastination > Pain of Action
  • “Couch to 5K?”- Forget the 5K, just get off the couch!
  • The Antidote to Procrastination – Chunk Down + Short Deadline + Reward


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