“Imagination is more important than Knowledge – Albert Einstein


What has Art got to do with Leadership? Throughout nearly 30 years of working with leaders and leadership, the very best leaders I’ve encountered all have had one thing in common irrespective of geography or industry: the sensibility of an artist. This was reinforced to me recently when attending a screening of a documentary produced by Maria Doyle Kennedy about the life and work of Irish artist Patrick Scott. After all, leadership is all about creating something novel and new from just your imagination combined with the resources at your disposal whilst inspiring others to join in its creation. So just what is that artistic sensibility that separates the best from the rest?


Insights include:

-The fallacy of the equation:  Good Leadership = Good Results

-The best leaders are committed to creating a thing of Beauty

-How the Physicist and the Artist are both opposites and the same

-The root of authenticity and charisma

-The 3 Primary Characteristics of Beauty – Radiance, Integrity, Consonance

-Sage advice for appointing the next new leader (or anyone!)



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