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63: EP 63: Resist Temptation – Minimise Distraction

“The most scarce resource in the world today is attention” – Yuval Noah Harari  The only 2 industries that refer to customers as “users” are Big Tech and drug cartels.We live in an increasingly technology-fuelled Garden of Eden – an attention economy where the most sophisticated dark forces are constantly, covertly intent at work to distract you.If [...]

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62: Ep 62: “The Art of Leadership”

“Imagination is more important than Knowledge – Albert Einstein” What has Art got to do with Leadership? Throughout nearly 30 years of working with leaders and leadership, the very best leaders I’ve encountered all have had one thing in common irrespective of geography or industry: the sensibility of an artist. This was reinforced to me recently when [...]

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61: From the Archives: EP 29: Deepening Connections in Chaos

Whilst not obligatory that you “love” your people at work - in the amorous sense! - people at least need to know you, as the leader, have got their best interests at heart.On this Valentine’s Day, it is worth remembering that your connection to those that matter makes an enormous contribution to your leadership impact and [...]

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60: EP 60: Leadership Manifesto – 25 Principles for Leading in Chaos

I started the Flow(group) business exactly 25 years ago this month - in January 1998. I can’t brag, because Google started up the same month.  For context, it was the year Apple unveiled the iMac; the Bill Clinton/ Monica Lewinsky scandal; the FDA approved the Viagra pill (not related); and the NI Good Friday Agreement (definitely not related).  During [...]

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59: Episode 59 : Leadership in Lay-offs – Twitter Vs Stripe

“It’s only when the tide goes out you see who’s been swimming in the nude” – Warren Buffett As a leader the decision to let people go is never easy, but sometimes necessary. Nonetheless, it is often in these Moments that Matter where leaders show what stuff they are really made of. The current high-profile Tech lay-offs [...]

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58: Episode 58 “leadershipinchaos.gov.uk”

“Useless. Shambles. Incompetent. CHAOS” These were the dominant words of a GB News Peoples’ Poll Wordcloud last week as the Tory party unravelled amidst a sequence of bizarre and barely credible events. But what role did Leadership have to play in the absurdist drama and what was it Liz Truss did or didn’t do to contribute [...]

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57: EP 57: Leadership Manifesto: Principle #18 – Keep Your Focus – Avoid Procrastination

To be human is to procrastinate. The Greeks even had a special word for it – akrasia – such was its acknowledgement. However, it’s not a great device for leadership effectiveness when keeping focus is critical. The tendency towards Procrastination, and it’s full-sister Distraction, is becoming increasingly a topic of conversation with leaders (I’m engaged with), [...]

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